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Biomanufacturing Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Program Description

Image of Students in Biomanufacturing Class

Biomanufacturing means growing living cells (bacterial, yeast, and animal cells) in large tanks and inducing them to produce a protein that can be used in the making of many different products, such as medicines, stem cells, biofuels, biomaterials, and biologically created chemicals. That protein must then be separated from other cellular components, and purified using techniques that exploit its properties to isolate it from other cellular proteins. Technicians then use analytical techniques to prove the purity of the isolated proteins.

Image of Students in Biomanufacturing Class Successful Operation of Our Large Bioreactor, BioFlo 510 20L, during Fall 2018 Bioreactor Run Week

Your New Skills

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biomanufacturing, you will be on the cutting edge of new scientific breakthroughs, and will have a multitude of occupational choices awaiting you. Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomanufacturing work in a variety of industries including but not limited to the pharmaceutical and medical industries agricultural, chemical, manufacturing, mechanical, and engineering industries. Your opportunities are vast, from water treatment plants to breweries, and from biofuel development to food and beverage science. Biomanufacturing is everywhere.

Biotechnicians who perform test and collect samples, quality control analysts who track manufacturing to ensure processes are correct, epidemiologists who research human diseases and injuries, and scientists who improve products through clinical trials – these positions are in high demand and have plenty of career advancement opportunities. Depending on your area of interest, salaries range from $40,000 - $97,000 yearly, and average $74,000 per year. Biomanufacturing jobs are expected to grow a continued 20% on average in the next five years.


There are two Biomanufacturing Baccalaureate program options to choose from: a full-time program with a two-year completion date, and a part-time program with a three to four-year completion date. The part-time program is typically best suited for working students, and can be completed in three to four years.

Classes are held at SCC's new Biomanufacturing building at the Vacaville Center with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment.

Meet SCC's outstanding faculty who are dedicated to helping you create your future in Biomanufacturing. Check out this video from one of our faculty, Michael Silva, talking about his educational path, and the advantages of SCC's Biomanufacturing program.

Another benefit of Solano Community College's Baccalaureate program is its cost. The total cost for tuition to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomanufacturing is a fraction of what it costs to obtain a degree from the California State University or University of California system.

The Biomanufacturing program has plans to expand their curriculum to include the industrial production of biofuels, biomaterials, stem cells, and other products currently manufactured using chemical rather than biological techniques.

"In biotech, manufacturing experience through our classes, mechanical aptitude, and a strong work ethic will take you much farther than advanced calculus would." – Jim DeKloe, SCC Biomanufacturing Faculty Member

Application Process

We will start accepting full time and part time applications for Fall 2022 on September 13th. Early screening for early applications will be done in late November, while priority screening and final screening will be done in late February and late May, respectively. We are now accepting applications from International Students!

You will need to complete an application for enrollment in SCC's Biomanufacturing Baccalaureate program.

A clean and easy-to-read copy of your unofficial transcripts is required in the online application. If you have taken courses from another college or institution, official transcripts must be sent in addition to uploading your unofficial transcripts, to this address:

Solano Community College
Office of Admissions and Records
ATTN: Biomanufacturing Program
4000 Suisun Valley Road
Fairfield, CA 94534-3197

You may also hand-deliver official transcripts that are in a sealed, unopened envelope to the Admissions & Records office at Solano's Fairfield campus, Building 400.

Please review Steps 1-3 below and the Course Curriculum and Program Timeline for further information regarding prerequisites to the Biomanufacturing program and application requirements. Failure to submit all of the required application materials will result in automatic disqualification.

Complete the steps below. If you have any additional questions, please email with your inquiry and contact information, or see below for further contact information. We will be happy to assist you.

STEP 1: Review Eligibility and Application Requirements

STEP 2: Have the following information available:
  • Unofficial Transcripts (Applicants who attended institutions other than Solano College must submit official transcripts.)
  • Solano Student ID Number
STEP 3: Apply Here!

Biomanufacturing Department Contact Information

School of Mathematics & Science
Phone: 707-864-7211
Fax: 707-646-2054
Office: Bldg. 300, Room 335 (Enter building through door 309 or 349)